Projects, Initiatives & Skills

This page is about projects, initiatives, networks, skills and experiences over the years, which Casey / KC Godrie, Butterfly, Kupu Kupu ( means butterfly in Indonesian language ) got and, on requhstoften shares. All for free, without any money, balance or expectations, just when there is love, in the moment, away from schedules and agenda’s. … Continue reading Projects, Initiatives & Skills

Private Life

PRIVATE LIFE OF CASEY GODRIE & HIS FAMILY Casey Godrie is born and raised in Breda in the South of Holland. Casey visited Markenhage HAVO and the Social Academy “Markendael” in Breda, which he both didn’t finish,mainy of not being read to follow¬†rules he didn’t understand and being to rebellion. He went to the social … Continue reading Private Life


This website is about Casey Godrie, his Projects & Blissful Life. 20th Century Icons & Props Short Time Rentals Ibiza, Bali & Breda Holland Projects, Initiatives & Skills to Share Private Life