Private Life


Casey Godrie is born and raised in Breda in the South of Holland.
Casey visited Markenhage HAVO and the Social Academy “Markendael” in Breda, which he both didn’t finish, mainly of not being ready to follow rules he didn’t understand and  being into rebellion according the management.
Casey went to the Social Academy in the hope to help to change the system, because some years before this academy was a revolutionair place. Nothing happened those days, so Casey
Casey became an employee of the artist agency, founded by his father.

Those ays, as a youngster he got introduced in the happy few, famous artists, made bookings, negotiated, made the schedules and learned a lot about communication, planning and managing.
After some time Casey organised as an entrepreneur festivals, music concerts and performances for many clubs and theaters in Breda. Those days Casey lived in Breda and in Belgium.
Casey started some projects, like “pub de Tempelier”,  “Funky Dancing Place Exq’s” and “Restaurant and Stage de Egelantier”. Casey got during this period experienced  in concept thinking, marketing and communication, This all by working from the heart to create joy and trying and succeeding in finding an earn model in the concepts.

After his entrepreneur time in Breda Casey left Breda for Amsterdam. His house in Breda he rented out cheaply to his ex girl fiend and some friends of her as he rented out another building, Haven 19 Breda, where Exq’s was before, including anapartment and some rooms upstairs and moved to a houseboat he bought in the famous Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, to find new challenges.

Interior when Casey lived here.

Casey also kept a pied-a-terre and a gallery in interior design in Rotterdam,in  Antwerp Belgium and in Breda to be able to move around and stay where he felt most comfortable in the moment.
He lived mostly in Amsterdam and Antwerp, away from wintertime. Those days he travelled low budget in tropical parts of the world like India, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Guatamala, Peru, Brasil, etc.

By traveling a lot he got inspired by different cultures, life philosophies and spirituality, the reason why he is now already for decades into yoga and meditation and lives a blessed, positive, happy life in beautiful spiritual networks of very inspiring friends. They live a beautiful life, all over the planet, mainly in Bali, Ibiza, Goa and Amsterdam, trying to be happy and get and deliver the best out of them. Together, many of them, are working on plans and concepts to try to take responsibility to improve the world, together with the cultural creatives, to get to a higher level in sharing, loving and inspiring.

During one of his travels Casey met Elly Schuitevoerder in Gili Terawangan, Nusa Tiga, Lombok, Indonesia, where they tuned in and had beautiful conversations and feelings, love, in respect, on a distance. After meeting there they met again in Amsterdam, where both lived, felt more serious in love, decided to live together and a bit later on they started unexpected a beautiful family, by the birth of their daughter Satiga. Satiga from Nusa Tiga where they met. Also Tiga means three in Dutch (drie) as is in the family name of Casey if you split not after God but after Go. A bit of cryptic elements hidden in the name made them to choose this name.
When Casey met Elly she was working as an occupational therapist in St. Lucas Hospital and doing research for her university study anthropology.
Elly became the mother of Satiga, and later Damai and did a third study, photography. Nowadays Elly is especially working as a professional talented, also according GUP, the international magazine what makes a yearly selection of upcoming talented photographer, specialized in portraits and documentaries.

The three of them first lived on the houseboat on the Keizersgracht, where Casey already lived for many years, but shortly after delivering their beautiful daughter Satiga, they moved for space- and safety reasons, to Brouwersgracht 75, 1st Floor, 12 meters wide Canal View, into a fantasitic large apartment in a beautiful located and large double canal house. After some time they didn’t like the regulations for their daughter, needed to be too much in control for being outside with Satiga and decided to move somewhere where things for them were more natural, from Amsterdam straight to the beach, in the middle of the dunes. After about a year they sold their Brouwersgracht apartment to Katja Schuurman, then by far the most famous Dutch soap star, who got seduced too.

In this beautiful very large villa, 1850 m3 as mentioned in the middle of the dunes, with lots of really old, natural, wild dunes around, in between Aerdenhout / Bentveld and Zandvoort on the Beach, close to Amsterdam, about 20 kilometer west, they got after some years happily surprised by the birth of their beautiful son Damai. Damai means peace in the Indonesian language.When they were pregnant many people were wearing shirts with the text Bali cinta Damai. Bali loves peace because it was shortly after a terrible bomb incident in Kuta,Bali. We got the feeling to choose this name illustrating we want to bring peace, for them, for us and hopefully for the whole world.
From then, the four of them, later on plus the cat, Mozes enjoy this beautiful spot just outside the village of Zandvoort . In their dunes is a meditation temple, a natural pool, good for swimming, including relaxing beds, a tipi, a play garden, many terraces and fireplaces, many trees a real original 2nd world war bunker with many compartments and electricity.

As  a family, they really enjoy live in this original, under architecture designed sixties villa, where they, in their private wild dunes often get surprised by wild deer, foxes, beautiful birds like owls, buzzards, woodpeckers, jays etcetera and much more wild life.

It’s a paradise like place, peaceful, unreal, especially because  this is the most dens populated area of Holland, just a few minutes from the beach and very close to Haarlem and Amsterdam. During school holidays they mostly head for other places in the world, to get inspired by different cultures. They plan to live here until Damai starts to study and moves out, probably in 2021. Then they plan to sell the villa. Possibly earlier when somebody is really eager to buy this dream spot and place for a substantial amount better then 3 million euro, to seduce Casey and his family to move earlier to a new spot, with new adventures.

Casey and his family own, and part time rent out via Airbnb or in different ways, a few more locations in Holland, like the houseboat in Amsterdam, a Canal House in Breda  with some more studios, on the first and second floor They also own a warehouse in IJmuiden, also close to the beach, which they use to store design items from Casey’s companies and they own a pub along the canal in Breda, Dok 19, which is rented out to an entrepreneur.

In Bali they have a private villa, next to a peaceful, very central small Hotel with very nice pool and really beautiful exotic garden in Ubud, the most spiritual and creative part of Bali. This is the most Bali like area of the island, with it’s beautiful rice fields, it’s fairy tale like architecture, dances, performances and culture, with it’s ceremonies, parades and colorful worshipping, the mystic music and incense every single day. This is also the most spiritual part of the island with many workshops ecstatic dance, massage, breathwork, yoga, meditation, tantra, many retreats. The house and apartments are rented out when they don’t use it.

In the end of 2018 Casey bought a beautiful, idyllic small finca, 2 apartments and a studio plus a sunroof floor, where he is going to make a small kitchen a (day)bed covered to relax and be with a stunning view, even away from the impressive sunrise and sunset, because this house is the highest around,  surrounded with woods and sea, with a beautiful garden around it. This house is located in his favourite area on the island of Ibiza, Spain.
The location is Punta Arabi, Es Canar, close to St. Eulalia, the area with his favourite camping La Playa or Cirincana on a few hundred meters distance, his favourite beach Cala Nova, with his favourite hangout L’Amorigen very close by and close to the famous two largest hipppiemarkets on the island. The biggest advantage of this location is maybe it’s a pretty flat part of the island where in about a circe of 15 to 20 kilometer you’re be able to use a pushbike. This avoids you need to get in the car for every single thing like most of the places on Ibiza.
Ibiza and Bali are pretty much to compare. I the south more party related, the north more mountain. Both have especially in the east the sunrise, where the island is more quiet with more nude beaches, spiritual activities like estatic dance, massage, breathwork, yoga, meditation, workshops, tantra, retreats, freedom, namaste-parties, more  peace and love related. Bali is more international, Ibiza is more European. The finca is a beautiful base and also a place to rent out during the times nobody of the family use it.

The stuff they drive in Holland is either classic cars plus airstream, connected to the vintage hobby of Casey,  midcentury design, with the beautiful designed French Citroen DS Sedan, an original open roof black full option DS23 Pallas, also the station car, an original ambulance, which was working in Paris before or the safe non pretentious Volvo, an efficient, save, no nonsense car without show off, the Volvo V70’s, both in black, Casey’s favorite of those is the older one, the Classic but the other one is their family car, where Elly and the kids drive mostly in, because younger and safer.

The family’s lifestyle is, away from the privileged house and cars and design objects, what is the hobby and work of Casey and the freedom of being able to travel a lot, but mostly in between locals, low budget, simple and modest.
Casey and Elly don’t use any alcohol or drugs, the whole family is vegetarian, drink no coffee, don’t smoke, almost don’t watch television, don’t read newspapers or absorb negative media input and alll of them try to stay away from stress and hurry, even the system request sometimes in school and work.

Elly mainly, Satiga and Damai a bit, are into the 7th Day Adventist Religion, based on the Bible and Sabbath. Casey respect this and doesn’t open his gallery on Saturday and respect the other choices of his beloved ones. Casey is not contributing because he thinks religion is made by people, not by God. He doesn’t believe in dogma’s and in claiming the exclusivity in choosing the right religion or God. Love is his religion. Respecting and sharing, to inspire and to get inspired in a well balanced live according giving and taking is his goal. Living in the here and now.

Satiga did the Gymnasium, the highest level of High-school in the format N&G and N&T, with science, physics, mathematics, biology, French and theater including Latin. She started in 2017 to study Artificial Intelligence, on the University Of Amsterdam.  Damai is going to the same school as Satiga, but skipped the Latin because he doesn’t want to spend time on a dead language and prefers to create more hours off like this to find more time for gaming and entertainment. So he is doing the Atheneum. Elly is improving her skills in photography, started a company Elly Godrie Photography  and she helping Casey in his business and she is helping in her church, The 7th day Adventists.

Some more family pictures over the last years :

Casey is the last decades more involved in charity in combination with spirituality and creativity, still collecting interior design but also painting, inspiring and getting inspired in spirituality plus creativity and participating or advising in social projects, all over the world. He lives overall, mostly max 4 to 6 weeks on one spot, all together a year about 5 to 6 months in Holland and 6 to 7 months abroad. About 2 to 4 times a year a month he lives in Ubud, Bali, about 3 to 6 times 1 to 2 weeks in Ibiza and the rest, all over. Mostly he is max 1 month away from his family and when the kids have holiday he makes sure to be back and they go most of the times all together somewhere out of Holland, to explore the world, different cultures, nature, to help, to inspire and to get inspired as a family.

Casey lives his privileged life in gratefulness and understands, feels and respects the blessed live he lives every single day.

Here under random some earlier and more recent pictures.

Inspiration for Casey Godrie

Inspiring Concepts :
Osho’s International Meditation Resort, Puna, India
Burning Man, Nevada dessert, U.S.A.
Religious and Humanity concepts in general, most by Buddhism,
Animistic Hinduism like practiced in Bali and Moslim non alcohol idea.

Luckily recognized angels on his path, some hard to miss :
His friend and wife Elly Godrie but also their daughter Satiga and son Damai
His friend and father in law : 7th Day Adventist Pastor Mans Schuitevoerder
His friend and first yoga- and meditation teacher Katiza Ivulic also called Satya.
His friend and spiritual teacher and writer Tijn Touber

Grateful to relatives and some special friends during the path of life :
His parents, including his father even they didn’t not walk an easy path.
His sister Conny, for long time his best friend, employee and manager in BeBoB, past away after a tragic accident when she was 36 years old only.
His nephew and friend Chris van Nijnatten
John van Peer, great teenager friend
Jos Moelands, friend and after decades still head of Casey’s finance department
Alphons Geerlings, Marcel van der Stap volleyball friends and more
Rein Kops, always connected, often helpful and in the neighborhood.
Annette Magé, Carla Blommerde, Marjorie Kramer, Noëlle Keesom, Mascha Schaffels, Ineke Oostveen as special love partners during the track before marriage.
Ruud & Dick Benard, Fred Kramer, Rosé Lockhof, Toin van de Mosselaar, Guus Peters, Pieter van Haperen, Karin Schuitevoerder, Aad van de Berg, Karim Raihani, Shanto IJzendoorn, Danny van Heusden

Blessings to the dark experiences, being able to change it into light :
Last but not least thank the few persons, especially two, the last decade, for treating Casey, in his opinion unfair and taking advantage out of his given trust. In this way he could prove himself and his beloved ones the choice is love and peace and stay who he is, respectful and kind, not thing in into the other’s energy, and not following the track of talking negative about the other one. Even when he know he got cheated. That’s the other ones responsibility.

This happened regretfully, in the spiritual field, where Casey didn’t want to reduce the feeling from the audience about being able to create a better world with people, prepared to share, help and love away from the money related cases, one of the reasons he didn’t go to court in the end, even challenged by his partner who cheated only wanted to communicate by or with his lawyer.
Tijn Touber, Casey’s best friend, and Csey himself, they were both in a nasty situation in the spiritual worl. Tijn with Ode, meCasey with Ganpati. They love to show the world to live a different life and think they have good ideas, love to inspire to get there, about a better trustful honest world, but sometimes also they seem not to be able to work it out, even on very small scale. So Tijn  and Casey decided to let it be.
And now, after some years, Casey can look back and be happy what this period brought him , what feels like much more than the about 110.000 euro he lost. He can say now the experience, the lessons, participating for a year, creating concepts and network, where he met Kareem, Tommy, Duco and many other beautiful souls, are priceless !!

In the other case, where he got kicked out of the physical place of his gallery Bebob Design on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam where he gave all the trust to a  customer and invited him to become a partner to share the project because it’s not his field of renovating and splitting apartments. Casey lost about 800.000 to 900.000 euro in this project, related to the profit which was to make in combination with lawyer costs, trial costs, increasing income, closing part of the floor, loosing focus etc.

Casey is happy now and proud he could prove during this period he didn’t choose for a ly to improve his position but choose for truth and honesty, as he promised to his family and friends. This amount needed maybe to be extreme high to make it difficult and challenging.
In this nasty never-ending case, what took years in court, he could prove to himself and his inner circle it was not only words but remained a truthful and reliable person in stead of  trying to win out of cheating as the other one, in his opinion, did,
He prefered to loose this places and this serious amount above being dishonest.

It’s a matter of respect to allow everybody his own vision, feeling or reality in his/her proces including unfair, dark elements. It’s all short periods and for many of us it’s easier te reflect and see the truth after some time then in the moment itself. Often the lies become the new truth until the moment of waking up and seeing the truth ! So let’s be and trust  and leave everybody in her/his own proces without judgement, because they’ve got the right to find out in their own tme, of not at all. It’s all about karma in the end, we don’t need to justify or punish. In the end everything is happening for a reason, also when we don’t understand. Trust !

Casey is, next to the lessons very thankful there were some people next to him during this sometimes difficult, painful period. He is especially very thankful  for the reflection with Elly, his wife, his kids Satiga & Damai, sister in law, fKarin Schuitevoerder, friend and finance adviser Jos Moelands, best friend Tijn Touber and very good friend in this days, DJ Kareem Raihani.


Et maintenant, en route, avec la Déesse !!
And now, we hit the road with or without the Godess !