1946, Ray and Charles Eames for Herman Miller, Set of 4 DCM in Black Version


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Four DCM in black. The chairs are in a good condition except from some traces of wear like some spots of loss of paint, some little chips that came of and some (rusty) spots. The bases are quite good (#13) except for some tiny stains and one base with loss of chrome in the back and some rust. This chair has also some loss of paint on the edges (#9) and a tiny chip came off in the back of the right side of the seat (#12). One chair has no loss of paint but a tiny chip came off of the seat at the back of the seat on the right side and two tiny ones came off of the right and left side of the backrest. Another chair has a little scratch on the front of the seat (#10) and a sort of light spot (caused by moist?) on left side of the back of the seat, which is not very visible (#14). It is a beautiful set by Vitra (See the sticker on the bottom #17 and #18).

The price is per set

    H 28.75 in. x W 19.1 in. x D 20.08 in.H 73 cm x W 48.5 cm x D 51 cm
    17.33 in. (44 cm)
    Set of 4