1950, Ray & Charles Eames for Herman Miller Set DSS Fiberglass Stacking Chairs


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Set of four dining chairs in pine green by Herman Miller. The chairs show traces of use like some scratches on the shells and tiny damages. One shell has some damage on the back of the back and one has some damage like a crack on the edge on the side. The bases have rusty stains which can even be polished better so possibly become even better with some care and polishing. The chairs are stackable. Besides this set we have many more chairs with the same color shells and bases. (From the bases in stock some have more rusty spots than the other)

Weight 5 kg

The total width of the chair incl the base is 60 cm and the width of the seat is 46 cm

The price is per set

    H 31.5 in. x W 23.63 in. x D 18.12 in.H 80 cm x W 60 cm x D 46 cm
    17.33 in. (44 cm)
    IJmuiden, NL
    Set of 4