1958, Ray and Charles Eames Red Adjustable Tilt Office Chair with Five Wheels



Red Alu chair 117. This beautiful office chair is mobile, rotating and adjustable in height (picture #1 and #2) and can tilt. The upholstery has a velour quality (#14). The chair shows traces of wear, like some damage of the fabric at the corners of the backrest (#11 and #12) and some tiny stains (#10 and #15). Originally the armrests was glossy, but lost some shine (#10) and has some stains (#13 and #16) and scratches . The base and armrests show some traces of wear. More Eames Alu chairs are available in various models and upholstery and colors.

Weight 14 kg

The width of the seat is 52 cm and of the whole chair 58 cm

More pictures are available on request

  • WEAR
    Wear consistent with age and use.
    H 32.68 in. x W 22.84 in. x D 23.63 in.H 83 cm x W 58 cm x D 60 cm
    16.93 in. (43 cm)