1960, Eero Saarinen for Knoll International, Set of Seven White Tulip Ashtrays



Set of seven standing ashtrays left. Beautiful elegant design. Some are in better state than the others concerning the foot, like some show scratches. One scale has a bit of a dent. The grids have wear like rost etc and some are a bit loose at one side. Two grids have just one little leg instead of two. One ash grid is missing. The ashtray needs to be filled with sand and the grid on top of it. For transportation means the scale can be disassembled. Priced for starting price by piece or total price per piece if you buy all the pieces. 9 x € 400. Measures: Scale diameter 33 cm, foot diameter 27.5 cm. Height including grid 58 cm, without grid 55 cm.

Weight 4 kg.

The price is per piece  

  • WEAR
    Wear consistent with age and use.
    H 22.84 in. x W 13 in. x D 13 in.H 58 cm x W 33 cm x D 33 cm