1960, Hans Roebers, Very Long Original Snake Couch in Old Brown Leather


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Very long, about 10 meter, original Snake Couch in nice patin old brown leather. The snake is made with nice details. The leather has traces of wear like (coloured) spots and some damage, like a little hole. Because of the long length you can arrange the snake in a way that these traces of wear are not that visible.

Weight is about 50 kg

Measures: The snake is ca 10 m long and has a diameter of 38 cm. The expectation is that the snake can be shipped in a crate of ca 120 cm x 110 cm x 80 cm



  • WEAR
    Wear consistent with age and use.
    H 393.71 in. x W 14.97 in. x D 14.97 in.H 1000 cm x W 38 cm x D 38 cm