1965, Dick Lookman for Bas van Pelt, Rare Red Sofa, Beautiful Chrome Base




Ver Rare Red Sofa with Beautiful Chrome Base with Rectangle Legs This sof was only produced one year and is very rare because the production was too expensive and couldn’t compete with the Martin Visser Sofa. This sofa is very high quality and has a beautiful design with rectangle chrome legs and comfortable pillows. The upholstery is of a warm red fabric (#14 en #16). The sofa shows traces of wear like some fading of the colour of the fabric (#4 and #5), as well as some stains (#15`0. The legs show some stains and tiny rusty spots as well as some minor damage.

The weight is ca 30 kg

More pictures are available on request

  • WEAR
    Wear consistent with age and use.
    H 29.14 in. x W 76.78 in. x D 33.47 in.H 74 cm x W 195 cm x D 85 cm
    17.33 in. (44 cm)