Circa 1960, Elegant Sixties Hammock Chair with White Base in Style of Ferrari and Hardoy Plus Bertoia




Beautiful design. The base is made of an elegant metal construction. The chair shows traces of wear like rusty spots and loss of paint of the base and stains and one little damage of the cover. The cover is fixed/attached by a metal string in tunnel. Also a second chair is available with a black base and a kaki cover. This chair also shows traces of wear like loss of paint, rusty spots and the cover is damaged on several places. These chairs are stackable.

Weight 6,5 kg per piece


  • WEAR
    Wear consistent with age and use.
    H 29.14 in. x W 30.71 in. x D 25.99 in.H 74 cm x W 78 cm x D 66 cm
    13.78 in. (35 cm)