Pinguin Easy Chair Theo Ruth, in black and light grey




In 1953, Artifort took its first step along the path of innovative design with the Pinguïn, designed by Theo Ruth. The iconic Pinguïn armchair consists of only two separate base elements that seamlessly fitting together with forked ends and held together by gravity. The design armchair reminds you of a pinguïn (Dutch for Penguin) because of its striking armrests. This easy chair of remarkable design has a new upholstery in black and off white. Some of the black paint of the legs came off. This chair needs some re upholstery work.

Weight 18 kg

The dimensions of the chair 81 cm H x 46 seatH x 76 cm W x 56 cm D


when dis assembled in two parts is 104 cm H x 56 cm D x 76 cm W