S 169, Tubular Easy Chair in Orange Light Brown Manchester with Wooden Armrests and Upholstery Unique Tilt Mechanism De Cirkel




Elegant tubular easy chair with a warm orange/ brown colored manchester upholstery. The chair has a frame of one tube, floor cabs and black painted wooden armrest. The chair has a unique tilt mechanism, which makes it possible to tilt backwards (see picture). The seat is mounted just slightly crooked in the base (see picture 5).

The chair shows some traces of wear like a little damage spot in the upholstery at the right side of the seat (not very visible), some loss of paint of the armrests and soms spots/ damage of the chrome of the leg.


Dimensions: 83 cm H x 50 cm seatH in the front and 47 in the back x a total Width of 59cm and 50 of the seat only x 68 cm D